Ally Walsh

One look at Ally Walsh’s Instagram and you’ll be taken by her beautiful, relaxed approach to life. The model and founder of Canyon Coffee takes us on a walk through her new neighborhood to share her thoughts on style and how to get the perfect cup of coffee.


“I grew up in New York on Long Island, but I’ve lived in LA for the last 8 years always on the west side in Venice and Santa Monica until very recently. I just made the move east to Echo Park. I love the beach, but I was excited for a change and moving across LA feels like a whole new city! The energy feels a little more alive and youthful over here.

Travel really inspires me, and even simple changes of scenery. While looking for a new home to move into, we stayed in a series of AirBnbs and guesthouses. They all turned out to be so inspiring and gave me fresh perspective.”


“There’s really not a typical day for me, which I enjoy. I always keep my morning ritual to provide some form of routine, but work varies. A shoot could be on location in the desert, or in a studio downtown. For Canyon Coffee, a day can involve meetings, visiting accounts, making coffee at pop-ups, or working from home. I don’t really have a daily uniform, I like to wear a lot of denim and keep it simple. I run around a lot so I like wearing things that are comfortable. This white button-down is versatile. I can wear it out with friends or to meetings.”

“I like my coffee black! What’s most important is getting good quality beans that have been roasted well. When you’ve chosen your beans well, it’s just a matter of not messing up! Having a burr grinder (as opposed to a blade grinder) makes a world of difference.”


“I like clothes that are made well and are easy to wear, that’s what I love about these trousers—you feel good wearing them and that’s all that matters.”

Style Guide

“I like my jeans to feel worn or lived in. These vintage jeans have such a beautiful wash, and are definitely comfortable which was a big reason for why I was drawn to them.”