Meet East Coast Sales Assistant Brandi Russell who gives insight into her role at the company and shares a few different ways to wear our latest styles.


“As the Citizens of Humanity East Coast Sales Assistant, I work with the buyers from a mix of stores from Florida to Maine. Each season I get to present the latest collections to our retailers and help them curate the best assortment of our jeans for their customers.”

“All of the stores I work with have a very different and very specific customer. Some stores only sell our sculpt super stretch fabrics, others only sell our rigid fabrics, and most like a little bit of everything.”


“The Liyas are my all time favorite pair of jeans. I’ve been wearing them all year round.”

“I live in South Williamsburg. I love it here because of the old school Brooklyn feel it has to it... there is so much culture in such a small area!”


“Comfort is the number one thing I look for in a pair of jeans – something that I can eat a burger in and not have to unbutton my pants right after.”

“To me, non-stretch denim is actually the most comfortable because the fabric usually grows and creates room to breathe. I tend to lean more towards denim that is clean and without distressing – they feel timeless and worth investing in!”


“This is my boyfriend’s car! He got it a little over a year ago solely for surfing and upstate adventures. I only surf in the summer, but he surfs year round – blizzards and all.”