Brian & Jessie De Lowe

As an art therapist, yoga teacher and founder of wellness site How You Glow, Jessie De Lowe focuses her energy on helping others become the best versions of themselves, and she really does glow. In honor of Valentine’s Day, Jessie invited us into her home to meet her two great loves—her daughter, Amelie and husband, Brian—and show us how she wears her favorite pieces from our Spring Collection.


“We met less than 3 years ago on the dating app Raya. We were two of the first people to join, while it was still in beta mode, as we were both friendly with the people who started the app. We were each very much enjoying the single life at that time, but within the first week of meeting each other we both called our moms to tell them we certain that we had met our future husband/wife. 11 months later we were engaged, 6 months after that we were married, and we got pregnant with Amelie on our honeymoon!

In my line of work, I feel so lucky to get to learn from so many amazing, talented people, and to be able to use what I learn to help others. I love guiding people toward creating their most vibrant, elevated existence.

Brian is the president and co-founder of Proper Hospitality and a real estate development company called the Kor Group. They recently opened our first hotel under the Proper brand in San Francisco and will be opening three flagship Proper-branded hotels in the next 12 months in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Austin. He loves the process of finding, creating, and operating properties as it allows him to share many of his passions with others.”


“These days I don’t stray too far from the beach, so I gravitated towards these relaxed pieces that feel just as good as they look. Being a new mom, comfort is key … but I also like to feel put together, even if I’m just in my house.”


“For Valentine’s Day this year, we will probably do the same thing we do almost every week these days: Stay at home, order Postmates, drink red wine and hang out together while our 8-month-old daughter Amelie is fast asleep (hopefully)!”

“Life is definitely different with a baby, but in the best way. She completely tires us out, but also makes us see life through new eyes. She is the easiest person to make smile and laugh, so we spend most of our time with her enjoying endless giggles. She has really made us treasure the time we get to spend together alone as a couple. We appreciate our date nights more than ever.”

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