Chrissy Rutherford

The Senior Fashion Editor at gives insight into how she’s approaching her wardrobe this spring.


“I grew up in a quintessential suburban town in Westchester, New York, just an hour north of Manhattan. Everyone’s style was classic, preppy, and all about designer labels. It made me realize at an early age how everyone tends to dress the same. Funny enough my dad’s style impacted me the most as I was growing up—he was always into dressing well. I knew from around the age of 13 that I wanted to work in fashion. I always loved reading magazines. My dad would bring them home for me and I would read them cover-to-cover.

Fast forward and now I am creating content for, as well as running Bazaar’s Instagram account. I usually start the day off with showroom appointments or meetings with publicists. I spend a lot of time going through archives for inspiration and future posts on our account. Then I may be working on writing up a designer or model interview, or doing a shopping story for a new trend.

I love how creative the industry is—I’m constantly in awe of what designers are capable of creating as well as the images photographers and stylists produce. On the other hand, the industry still has a massive problem with diversity. I think people don’t consider that the fashion industry really has the power to change the narrative of what the “ideal” beauty is.”

“As for my personal style, I usually start with my shoes and then build around that. When you’re wearing a classic button-down shirt the way to make it feel different is with accessories—like adding hoop earrings. With jeans, the fit is most important. This Liya has been my go-to since the style was first introduced. It is my ideal jean. I absolutely how it fits.”


“As the season changes and I have to switch over my closet for spring, I make a point to really analyze my wardrobe—and pull out items I’ve been holding on to but haven’t worn. It’s important to make room for new things. I haven’t rocked white jeans in a while so it’s fun to try these out—I really like the cropped flare and they look great with ankle boots.”


“I think as we get older we become less concerned about being trendy, and care more about wearing what makes us feel really good. I always think back to the outfits that made me feel confident and comfortable, and figure out ways to replicate them in different ways.”