Kerry Pieri

New mom, Kerry Pieri of Harper’s Bazaar, wears her favorite new Citizens fits and shares her advice for avoiding a wardrobe rut when you’re just too tired to think of what to wear.


"I am the Fashion and Features Director of so I divide my time between being glued to a computer and out on appointments seeing everything new. A typical work day is all about being in the realm of fashion and style and letting our amazing, engaged, very cool audience in on what we’ve discovered and loved—whether that be through a video, photo shoot, market story or interview. One of the things I love most about my work is that creativity is rewarded. It’s important to think outside of the box and collaborate with talented people. There are a lot of wonderful people in the fashion industry that make going to work cool and interesting.

This is my first Mother’s Day; my daughter Lila Sky is almost 10 months old! My life hasn’t changed so drastically on paper—I have the same job, I live in the same city, I’m married to the same person (luckily!)—but becoming a mom has changed how I look at the world. Everything is through a beautiful Lila lens now. She is just so much fun. She makes me laugh, cry and smile all day. I am so in love."

"I’m still learning how to balance motherhood and my career, but I think being present no matter what I’m doing is important. For me, that means avoiding my phone as much as possible while I’m home and Lila is awake, and working hard and efficiently while I’m on the clock."


"I hope my daughter grows up seeing that there are choices and many facets to being a woman."


"I think a huge part of the struggle of getting dressed when you’re a busy mom starts with a well-curated closet. If we only buy things that we love and rotate out things that no longer serve us, then it should be inspiring and easy to get dressed. Everything in your closet should make you feel good."

"I grew up in Buffalo, New York and went to an all-girls school with a dress code. Now, I never wear any sort of uniform, I like changing things up. I do, however, wear a lot of jeans. I’m very passionate and specific about my jeans! Right now I want denim with a high waist, a wash without bells and whistles and not too much stretch, if any. The most important quality is a good fit, especially in the butt! These jeans feel classic but in no way boring—a perfect base for any look."