Kim Kreuzberger

Meet the Chief Revenue Officer at Goop, Kim Kreuzberger: A mother we admire for her eagerness to be present and sacrificial for her children, while also hoping to inspire them with her work ethic and commitment to her career.


“At Goop, I work closely with our team to create experiences—like our summits, retail pop up shops, bespoke dinner parties, and thoughtful brand partnerships. These experiences not only drive revenue but also have a meaningful impact. I love what Goop stands for: Make every choice count. We really strive to be helpful to every aspect of life. I use our G-spotting app almost every weekend to pick restaurants, I curate my closet to match our Fashion Director Ali Pew’s favorite looks, and pick recipes to cook based on everything our Food Editor Caitlin O’Malley makes. I love discovering new brands we work with across home, fashion, kitchen or wellness, and I am so proud of our editorial team for starting conversations that really matter.

I recently moved to Los Angeles from New York to create a better balance for my family. I have a 7-minute drive to work now, and my kids, Catherine Kelley who is 4 years old and Cole who is 6, go to school next door to my office. They stop by daily and I feel so lucky that I get to see them at 3pm. They are obsessed with knowing everyone I work with—and all the secret spots for treats in the office! They bring joy to everyone when they visit. I hope my children see my work ethic, and that one day they will look back remembering how hard I worked and beam with pride. Honestly, it’s a hot mess at times, but it’s working, and I try to embrace (and laugh) at my life—and chug Goop GLOW daily to keep the mojo.”


“Since I’ve become a mom, everything has changed! My husband and I plan our weekends around birthday parties, dance recitals, and t-ball games—we have never eaten so much pizza! But, we are having fun. The constant kisses, cuddles, Legos, and princess items all over the house make everything worth it. I never know what is going to come out of their mouth, and the kids are so crafty I have high expectations for my Mother's Day gift.”