Nadine Sieger, an expert on all things beauty, culture, and fashion at ELLE & ELLE Decoration Germany, invites us into her home to discuss her approach to style.


“I am from a small Westphalian town in Germany, but I spent the formative beginning of my grown-up life in Hamburg before I moved to New York. German culture is a lot about quality, longevity and understatement. I grew up with the idea that it's worth investing in pieces that have a lasting value. I’d rather spend on a piece that I know I will wear for years to come, rather than clothing that might draw attention but that you’ll get tired of quickly. I am not immune to trends but I always try to evaluate. I am drawn to minimal designs where you can’t hide imperfections easily so you can really see the quality. Germans are usually very brand-loyal and I am no different. I love to discover brands that have a story that I can personally identify with.

As the US Correspondent for Elle Germany and Elle Decoration Germany, I am in charge of everything related to the US for the magazines, from fashion to beauty, culture, interior and travel. Every day is different depending on the stories I am working on. I travel a lot, do research, conduct interviews, write articles, attend events, fashion shows, openings, and the list goes on!

My career as a journalist started in architecture and design, and the transition into fashion happened when I moved to New York. At my first NYFW, I saw firsthand designers pouring all their love and creativity into their collections. It gave me a deeper understanding and appreciation for fashion, and now I also always find it fascinating to observe how the trends on the runway reflect what is going on the world.”


“My approach to interior design is very similar to my attitude towards fashion, I appreciate the beauty of simplicity. Less is most often more, and I love filling my home with objects that I have a personal relationship with, that trigger memories of places and people.”

“I am drawn to jeans that feel elevated, that go beyond “just” being jeans, but in the end it’s all about finding the perfect fit. What I love most about denim is that you can pair it with absolutely everything—every style, every color, every material, every shoe works!”


“I love the Estella ankle jean because it feels a little trendy with the frayed crop hem but at the same time it feels timeless, cool, modern and easy—not simple or boring. I feel like this piece can stand on its own and look great even with a simple white t-shirt but also with a lacy blouse.”


“These were all made by my boyfriend and me. It’s so satisfying to create something with your own hands and to be fully focused for three hours at a time. You can’t let your thoughts wander. The wheel teaches you patience and attention. Creating your own cups and bowls really sharpens your mind for details and your appreciation for imperfection.”