Behind Citizens: Stefanie Regoutz

Berlin is a magnet for creativity, art, and culture in Europe. Stefanie Regoutz, our head of PR in Germany, sheds light on her history, interests, and style.


“As the Citizens PR Manager in Germany, I try to get people excited about what we are doing and share our brand’s stories. I hope every person I interact with always takes away the effort we put into every piece we design and produce.”

“Working in fashion for a while, you get a sense for what catches the eyes of people in the industry. It’s usually the more innovative pieces that German influencers and editors are most drawn to... and they all love the Liya!”

“It’s hard to say what the difference is between American & German fashion, but when it comes to new styles – it’s always interesting to see who anticipates the trend first!”

“For our press previews with top editors and influencers, I always try on all the pieces I want to wear at home and write every look down – I am a list person! I try to pick comfortable but more fashionable outfits for press days.”


“The Berlin woman is a free spirit in every part of her life – she listens to trends but has her own style. She is experimental, open-minded, and inspired by the whole world.”


“I find myself wearing the Liya and Emerson fits over and over again—it only made sense that I wore them for this shoot! They’re so versatile—fashionable but still comfy.”

Style Guide

“It took me a bit longer to fall in love with our cargo pants. I finally tried it and now it´s a great alternative to denim – I like the wide shape and the higher rise, it feels really modern.”